English as a second lanaguage

Reducing health inequality through language

Language barriers contribute to health inequalities and make it more difficult for non-English speaking residents to get the best healthcare and lead healthy lifestyles.

As the migrant population in Britain continues to grow, a greater number of our patients will be non-English speaking or have limited English.

One You Ealing offers health related English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) classes at libraries across Ealing.

The classes combine language learning with health related information. Learners improve their ability to read food and medicine labels, talk to health professionals and understand health advice.

We help new arrivals to the UK, asylum seekers and ethnic minorities with low levels of English competency.

How does it work?

Classes take place weekly in a local library for two hours each week. Each course lasts for 11 weeks.

They are led by a qualified teacher with a maximum of 12 people in each class.

Course aims

  • Increase levels of understanding of health issues
  • Improve ability to speak and read about health issues
  • Increase ability to lead healthier lifestyles
  • Increase independence in addressing and understanding health problems

Call us on 0300 456 0556 or email us at oneyouealing@nhs.net.

Did you know

Ealing is one of the top 5 areas with the most non-English speakers, with 7.2% speaking little or no English.